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Need free legal advice, family law/divorce issues in illinois?

i have issues with exwife, we are already divorced.

where can I ask a family judge or lawyer a question ?

I am in illinois.Need free legal advice, family law/divorce issues in illinois?
Check the yellow pages - a lot of attorneys offer a free 1/2 hour consultation. Write out your questions and go see at least two so you can compare answers. Always good to have a 2nd opinion on legal stuff.Need free legal advice, family law/divorce issues in illinois?
good luck lawyers are never free

I need real good advice about my split family? I want to know what you think is best for my children.

I am feeling very conflicted over some events that have happened in the past couple of weeks. I have two children from a previous marriage and my ex has started dating the sixth woman in the past 2 years. He has also had his oldest son, whom is 18, move back in with his 7 month old child. I really need advice on what would be in the best interest of my children.

My husband was in an accident this past week and I have been very good at calling the hospital to see how he is doing and letting him talk to my children. Each time he is on the phone he asks my youngest if he wants to speak with his girlfriend. This makes me very angry because he has only been dating this woman for about 4 weeks and she feels that it is ok to tell my child that she loves him and misses him. I have never spoken to this woman or met her and with my ex's track record, I feel that this creates some anxiety on my part and is not good for the children. I proceeded to tell him the next time that we spoke that it made me feel uncomfortable and he stated that I should not be calling the hospital and that if something bad happened to me, then he would not call to check on me. He explained that we need to limit our conversations to being about the kids only. My children are very young (6 %26amp; 3) and my oldest is disabled. I feel that it is my duty to make sure that he is ok and vise versa. Am I wrong for thinking this?

On another bad point, my ex has visitation for 3 days out of the week because he fought with an attorney through the divorce and I could not. He was awarded the 3 days per week because that was the way he could get out of paying child support. I was not happy but I could not do anything since Florida is an equal rights state. I know I am jumping around here, but with the children staying with him 3 days out of the week, they are not able to have their own room because of the other teenage boys living in the home and with another baby in tow. I feel that this is not healthy for them.

I could go on and on, but I guess we can start here.I need real good advice about my split family? I want to know what you think is best for my children.
Your situation is what YOU make it out to be. Your children ALWAYS come first. Your ex has drawn the line and has told you what he would do if the tables were turned...wow! Be careful with your children when it's time for them to stay with their father...especially now that things have changed in his house. Your children are your first priority and NOT your ex.I need real good advice about my split family? I want to know what you think is best for my children.
Cannot change some one else's behavior but you can take control of this situation..raise your children up rightly..and focus on being the best mother you can be. Life is not want we always want it to be..but take it one day at at time..maybe in time as they all grow up..children will see the truth..they will know right from wrong..now is the time to teach them to be the best that they are be..
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  • Advice for a mormon family of 3 moving to abu dhabi.?

    Please help with some inside information for members of the LDS church who are living and working in Abu Dhabi. I would like information on where to live, shop, schools, etc.... Advice for a mormon family of 3 moving to abu dhabi.?
    How mormon are you? My gut reaction is to tell you not to come. I know there are a few (at least 1) Christian churches here, but I do not go and don't really know anyone that does. Abu Dhabi is not an extremely easy place to live, esp. right now with the rents being out of control. Find out first if your company will provide accommodation or if you have to look for it yourself. Make sure if you have to look for yourself you get a decent amount or you will not find anywhere to live.

    Sorry I do not know too much about religions of my friends as I feel it is offensive to ask.

    The previous answer was prob. true 5 or so years ago...Advice for a mormon family of 3 moving to abu dhabi.?
    always eat what you are offered, women must alwasy wear long pants as not to offend the Muslim coomunity, the muslim men may look at you weird becaus eyou are not wearing the burqua. I wish I could remember the customs there as what to do and not to do, but I went to kuwait they are more westernized there. They have ramadan in september for 30 days where they fast two meals and then eat a meal at night, I would find out the basics about islam just for my info. I would ask a military person about curtosys becasue if you do something you arn't suppose to do, you might offend someone and not knwo it.

    Need advice for sharing my work with family.?

    I'm a young writer and have just finished a short story. I'm really shy about sharing my work, especially with my family. Not because I'm afraid of their reaction; I know they wouldn't do anything like make fun of me or say it's stupid. I'm just not sure how to go about asking them to read it. Any help would be immensely appreciated.Need advice for sharing my work with family.?
    A bit odd, but, none my family (wife included) have read my book. It sat around (in manuscript form) in everyones face for two years, and though it is now published, they have still yet to read it...Need advice for sharing my work with family.?
    i know the feeling! i always find it hard showing people, but my family are always really interested in reading my work and like to offer suggestions and i'm sure yours would be the same.

    i would print out a copy of your finished story and just hand it to your mum or dad and ask them if they can edit it for you, tell you if there is anything they as a reader would like changed etc. that way there is a reason you're showing them and they have some guidelines of things to say. unless you've studied literature it's sometimes hard to know what to say about a story.

    good luck, it's normal to feel nervous about showing people so just do it and you'll be glad!
    first you need to edit your story

    look online for a picture you think would go (Deviantart.com has great photography!)

    buy a binder

    print your story

    put picture on front and the story inside

    if your shy to ask your family members to read it then just lay it around in places that will be obvious for them to see it and leave a blank sheet of paper in the back of your story for their feedback and mistakes you might have not caught

    answer mine please!

    I had a similar problem. What i did was pretend it was a class assigment and it would help if they read it to check for mistakes.

    Hopes this helps.
    Just ask them. Finish a story, edit it, and then ask them to read it.
    ';Hey, mom, dad, wanna read something I wrote?'; :-)

    I wish to report a non,cooperating family that is REFIEWSING to take proper health precautions advice on how?

    to do itI wish to report a non,cooperating family that is REFIEWSING to take proper health precautions advice on how?
    well, first of all, i'd learn how to spell ';refusing';..I wish to report a non,cooperating family that is REFIEWSING to take proper health precautions advice on how?
    If they're endangering the public health, call the health department. If they're only endangering their own health ... well, there's no law against suicide. (If they're endangering a minor child's health, call child services.)

    Do you follow your family doctor's advice to the letter?

    No, not always...we have to trust our own gut instincts.Do you follow your family doctor's advice to the letter?
    Yes. I always follow my family doctor's advice.

    What things, photo's, memories, advice, etc. should a family pass on to their children?

    anything with sentimental value.

    dpWhat things, photo's, memories, advice, etc. should a family pass on to their children?
    If you have old photos, please use a pencil or archival ink pen and write on the back or put it in a book but be sure to put who is in the pictures and how they relate to the family. for example, ted on left stephanie in middle children of Joseph and mary Doe, david matthison on right is friend of ted. That way people know who they are looking at. This is more precious than gold after you are gone. if there is an old family story you heard as a child. write it down. like the time our great grandfather had a cheese business and while he was taking his horse drawn wagon up the hill at hollywood and vine . as they were dragging the hourse drawn wagon up vine street a 400 lb wheel of cheese slid out of the wagon and rolled down the hill crossing hollywood blvd with all the brothers chasing behind it. those things are priceless too. Pictures of great aunts and cousins of cousins. those people will be lost to the next generation if you dont write their names down and where they lived. etc. stories like who first came to your country and how they got there. where they settled. anything you know. even if your not sure. write it down. Like my grandmother used to say we were relations of benedict arnold. but it turned out it was just an old wives tale. still a funny story. Oh and dont rely on recordings Like tape or dvd they can go bad or you cant play them once they are scratched etc. We made that mistake. Pencil or archival ink is the best preserver. If you do have an old plate that has been passed down. Write what you know about it and put it in an envelope and set it beside it or tie it too it by wrapping a ribbon around the plate and the envelope together. Or staple it to the back of a piece of furniture or take a picture of it and add it to the scrapbook with details written beside the picture so people know the story behind it. It may sound overwhelming to do but if you do one piece a week or one picture. Eventually it will all get down. And that way you dont get burnt out. Good luck.What things, photo's, memories, advice, etc. should a family pass on to their children?
    A journal,pictures,talk to elderly relatives and take notes.They love to tell you the old family stories,medical history,names of relatives who passed on and what year.Old newspaper clippings,

    family tree,talking with family.
    Photos are good. The one thing to pass on is '; Treat others the way you expect to get treated.'; That was passed on to me as I always tell my children. On thing that I id do for my children is keep a journal for each of them and for myself and my husband.

    Every night I write in a journal how my day went and how I feel my life is going and what my goals are and how I am achieving those goals. I also have a journal for each of my 3 children. It is called the story of Brenna( or whatever the child's name is)as told by Mom....And every night I write in it and tell them what they learned for the day or what they did. So when they read it when they are older they can have a good laugh, I started it he day I found out I was pregnant with each of them.
    Yes, photos and personal stories are important things to pass on to children. I think the most useful stories are about how people learned their life lessons from experience, and stories about what makes them a unique individual.

    I have asked my family to go one step further and record their voices as well. Science has shown us that it is easier to remember things (and people!) when multiple senses are involved. So when you pull out the photos, you can also play back their voices to remember people after they are gone.

    All it takes is a small tape recorder. You can transcribe onto CDs later.
    Something that was personal to them, not just things. A journal or something that tells how they thought and what their values were.
    Family should set a time to see each other that's what you should pass on to your children.
    I think you should passs on things that would benefit their life. Like pictures of past family.
    Biographies are nice, if you can convince Grandpa and Grandma to write one.

    Look in any search engine for

    biography questions


    biography outline

    Then ask the questions and write down the answers.
    everything that make them remember you.
    My suggestion would be to assemble a scrapbook. Keepsakes can be photographed and an explanation of the history placed below it in the scrapbook. Another idea is to either make an audio or videotape of families relating their history. It will be invaluable!
    Their is a lot of thing to learn but the big one I think of how to be self reliant. To be able to live within your means and be able to support yourself and not need to have anyone else to help out, like say pay your bills. If you can have want you need on your own, then your not going to be the one that is filing for bankruptcy because you never learned how to live within your our means. Like making the choice to pay your bills or go to the bar, if you know how to live within you own means then your choice is that bills come first.

    Today they make it to easy to get a credit card or even a loan for stuff. I do know that in today's world you need to build your credit, but you dont need to spend tomorrows money before today.
    A family should pass on photos which illustrate how their children have grown, changed, and matured. We should pass on memories that will always move us and our internal spirit, and advice that will empower them with wisdom.
    photo's each picture has a story behind it
    Photos with labels. Otherwise the people in the pictures are soon forgotten.